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The Wanderers Sports Medical Centre believes that holistic healthcare is an important factor for people involved in sport.

According to the centre, there is a perception that this only essential for athletes whereas it is important for technical, medical staff, officials and even the media.

“This year, Mr Obakeng Sepeng, the manager for the umpires for CSA [Cricket South Africa] contacted me for medicals for the umpires,” said Dr Lervasen Pillay who conducted the medicals at the centre. “This is an important aspect in the game of cricket and something I do on a private basis for several South African Football referees.” The medicals consisted of a history identifying any present or past medical conditions as well as any psychological issues such as stress or anxiety. The umpires were given a general examination to look at their vitals and a basic examination of their backs and knees as they stand for prolonged periods.

Dr Lervasen Pillay

Pillay added that this was an important step in moving forward the game, where protecting athletes is one aspect but protecting those involved in decision making on the field of play is just as important.

“We hope that other federations take note of this and implement umpire medical screening as an essential component. This is a world’s first process according to our knowledge.”.

Founded by cricket physiotherapist Craig Govender, the centre has been hailed for the role it has played in providing comprehensive treatment to athletes across various sporting codes.

The centre offers sports medical doctors, homeopaths, physiotherapists, podiatrists, biokineticists and other specialists and allows the regular person to train inside the Bullring.

Details: Wanderers Sports Medical Centre 087 980 0330.

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