Zayed Humanitarian Campaign treats women, children in Pakistan’s Sindh province – Khaleej Times


A field hospital, staffed by doctors from UAE and Pakistan, has provided aid to women and children in Pakistan.

In a series of photos, the UAE Embassy in Pakistan showed the doctors working together to attend to their patients’ needs.

The medical mission took place in the Kathor area of Pakistan’s Sindh province. The field hospital provided diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive services to the local women and children. Mobile clinics were also set up to help the mission reach more people.

The medical mission was held under the framework of the UAE-Pakistan Medical Volunteer programme. The initiative has been going on for two years and covers various areas and villages around Pakistan.

The Sheikh #Zayed Internation Humanitarian Campaign aims to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive services to the patiants through field hospital and mobile clinics in the framework of UAE – Pak Medical Volunteer Program for two years coverning different areas and villages

The Fifth phase of Sheikh #Zayed Internation Humanitarian Campaign for treatment of children and women launched in the Kathor area of #Sindh province with the participation of Doctors from United Arab #Emirates and Islamic Republic of #Pakistan#YearOfTolerance



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