6-day holiday in Pakistan for security threat? Ministry issues statement – Khaleej Times


Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior has alerted citizens about a fake circular that has been making rounds on social media. The circular claims a six-day holiday has been declared for security reasons.

“Dear all, this notification is fake. The Ministry of Interior has not issued any such notification for holidays,” the ministry wrote on Twitter. The fake announcement claims that the country has declared a six-day holiday from September 6 – 11. The supposed holiday would affect both private and public offices in the country.

Dear All, this notification is fake. Ministry of Interior has not issued any such notification for holidays. @dcislamabad @pid_gov @Dr_FirdousPTI @ICT_Police #MinistryofInterior pic.twitter.com/jN2BC1ExfN

The circular even advises citizens to stay indoors and to avoid visiting Lahore.

In another tweet, the ministry shared the original circular which states that September 6 was marked as Defence Day. Offices throughout the country were only be closed at 3pm for various activities related to the event.

This is the original notification issued by Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan. pic.twitter.com/5LU8gbK96e



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