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Young Bangladeshi archer Ruman Sana has bagged a gold medal in Asia Cup. His brilliant performances were overshadowed by Bangladesh male cricket team’s shaky win over a weak Zimbabwe side as mass and social media alike praised the cricketers eclipsing the achievement of Sana. In this context, young people question, is it time to patronise other sports too? New Age Youth collects some responses  

Azizul Hakim Soumik
Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

CRICKET is the most popular sports in Bangladesh and with good reasons of course. Bangladesh has achieved so much by playing cricket recently. Being said that in recent times the performance of Bangladesh cricket team has degraded. Winning against toothless Zimbabwe is considered as the highest achievement these days.

But still it creates more buzz than any significant performance in other sports, such as Bangladeshi archer Ruman Sana winning a gold medal in Asia cup. The highest Bangladesh male cricket team reached in Asia cup is second position, however, Bangladesh female team has managed to bag an Asia Cup. In that context Ruman Sana’s Achievement is a big one.

But it still fails to grab enough attention in social media and mass media. The gravity of this situation is much dire than it is actually looking. Such situation is demotivating people from participating in any sport other than cricket.

So, with that we are limiting ourselves into only one sport when Ruman Sana is showing us that we have a lot of opportunities and potentials in other sports as well. And this might inspire the cricketers to work harder than before to achieve more in the future days.

To deal with this dilemma, we must promote other sports too. This will eventually raise more awareness around other sports and cricketers in Bangladesh will have to push themselves more to satisfy the winning attitude of Bangladeshi people.

Ujjal Dev Nath
Port City International University

DO YOU think it is time for us as a nation to patronise other sports apart from cricket?  ‘Health is wealth’ and ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ — these popular proverbs inspire our healthy-thinking to keep our children and our future generation physically and mentally fit.

Presently, we know that cricket is the most popular sport in Bangladesh. But these days there are many types of games and sport are played throughout the world. We have lots of talents in our country who can represent the nation if we patronise other sports.

Nowadays, every continent is fond of practicing almost all popular games like football, basketball, tennis, long jump, shooting et cetera. If we want to develop strong command over other games or sports, we should think of enough field coaching stuff, organisers and more equipment and facilities for this purpose. The government should take initiatives to found out individual talents from different part of the country.

Sports play a major role in education sector in the developed countries as they offer education for sports persons in universities through scholarship as well have designated sports subjects to study. If we follow the same model we would have better players in a number of other sports.

Thus, we need more investment and facilities in other games to organise lots of events for young sports enthusiasts so that they can draw inspiration from gold medallist archer Ruman Sana.

Abul Khaer
Government Saadat College, Tangail

A TRIUMPH of international sport event plays important role in acquainting a country in the world arena. The recent laurel bagged by archer Ruman Sana by defeating Chinese archer Jhen Ki Shi in the Asia Cup deserves praise from us.

Needless to say, this achievement will newly acquaint our country to the world stages and create opportunity to participate in mega event like Olympic game. But what is a matter of concern is that this achievement hasn’t been covered enough by our mass media as much as it should have paid attention to it.

So the question arising now is that why such partiality towards cricket and negligence in other sports despite other sports bring laurels for our country? Let us not forget that our national game is yet to gain popularity among people because of little facilities and no government initiative to organise the sport.

As we have patronised cricket to represent our country in the sporting world by its glorious performance but unfortunately, we are yet to patronise other sports. So it is time for us to pay proper attention to other sports like our national game kabaddi, archery, including football and whatever sports is best to represent our country in the world stage.

In my opinion, it is high time that the concerned ministries related to youth and sports consider the fact to focus on these sports allocating a specific amount from the budget and patronise so that young people feel encouraged to participate.


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