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ISLAMABAD: Speakers at an event here said Pakistan and China would stand shoulder to shoulder during every internal and external challenge.

They praised the role of China over the issue of Kashmir and thanked it for the continuous support to the people of Kashmir who have been facing atrocities in the hands of Indian forces.

The event held to observe the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China was organised by Pak China Institute at a local hotel.

Speaking on the occasion, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing said China was also celebrating the seven decades of friendship with Pakistan. He said China would continue supporting Pakistan for getting justice for the people of Kashmir.

“Pakistan is most sustained friend of China and it supported us over every issue. In 1960s, Karachi was the must stop for us while going to Europe. In 1980s when China opened up we came to Islamabad to learn your economic model. Both countries have always supported each other and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the most recent development of relations,” he said.

Islamabad and Beijing would stand shoulder to shoulder during any challenge, speakers say

“We have to make ourselves strong enough to deal with challenges and have to build strong economic relations and people to people links,” he said.

Mr Jing said all political parties in Pakistan had very good relations with the Communist Party of China.

Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Suri said China had always supported Pakistan and even condemned the atrocities of Indian forces in Kashmir.

He said the current government was sincere to build good relations with the neighbouring countries.

“China has pulled 800 million people out of poverty during the last 20 years which is an example for the world.”

Leader of the house in Senate Shibli Faraz said both countries had very good and strong relations.

“Relations among countries face issues but Pakistan and China have never faced any issue. People of both the countries also love and respect each other. The Chinese ambassador has played the role of a bridge between the two countries and has become very famous in Pakistan,” he said.

Chairman Kashmir Committee Fakhar Imam said both countries had great relations and during the next five years China would become the biggest economy of the world.

Former interior minister Rehman Malik said those who forgot their forefathers cannot progress.

“We should remember that it was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who built relations with China and then it was Asif Ali Zardari who made efforts to take the relations to a peak. I suggest that we should talk for development of the country. China has supported us and always stood along with us over the issue of Kashmir,” he said. Head of Pak China Institute Mushahid Hussain Syed said both the countries had very close relations and always supported each other.

“We are not only neighbours but our hearts also beat together. I suggest that there should be continuity of policies because that is how China has progressed,” he said.

Published in Dawn, September 22nd, 2019



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