Aussie PM invites Indian cricket fans to T-20 World Cup, Modi says many will visit – The Tribune India


New Delhi, October 25

As Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged Indian cricket lovers to come to his country for next year’s T20 World Cup, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said with Scott Morrison personally inviting, many will visit that nation.

“After last night’s superb T20 match, really looking forward to Australia hosting the @T20WorldCup next year. @TourismAus have a great new advert, encouraging Indian cricket fans to consider a trip out here for it. What do you think @narendramodi?,” Morrison tweeted.

In response, Modi said when his good friend personally invites, he is sure many more tourists and cricket lovers will plan to visit Australia.

“And, our cricket fans are also the liveliest. Let me also wish the people of Australia a Happy Diwali!,” Modi tweeted. — PTI




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