Congress giving clean chit to Pakistan: Ram Madhav – The Hindu


BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav alleged on Tuesday that the Congress had tried to give a clean chit to Pakistan in the Pulwama terror attack by casting doubts on the integrity of the security forces.

“Congress leaders are trying to put question marks on the integrity of brave security forces, which is protecting the country by putting their lives at risk in Kashmir, when one police personnel is found involved in a crime,” said Mr. Madhav, commenting on the controversy around Jammu and Kashmir police officer Davidner Singh escorting militants to New Delhi.

“The Pulwama attack in which large numbers of security personnel were killed was perpetrated by Pakistan sponsored terrorists. From the tweets of Congress leaders it appears that attempts are being made by the opposition leaders to defend Pakistan,” he contended.

The BJP leader said the Opposition had gone ‘too far’ this time in its attempts to tarnish the image of country in world.

“In the last five years, Opposition has sought proofs in terrorist attacks in Kashmir even though Modiji had given sufficient evidence about Pakistan’s role. Opposition parties have become desperate whenever anyone raises finger of suspicion towards Pakistan. The opposition of Congress to CAA is part of its pro-Pakistan mindset,” he asserted.

“It is not for the first time the Opposition resorted to such an act. When Pakistan sponsored terrorists attacked Mumbai in which citizens of six countries were killed, Congress leaders had said RSS had a hand in the attack,” claimed Mr. Madhav.

On the controversy surrounding the CAA, the senior BJP leader contended that opposition political parties and some intellectual groups were busy making the Citizenship (Amendment) Act look controversial although the amendment was ‘non-controversial and non-discriminatory.’

“In reality, those who are opposing CAA do not know why they are opposing. The CAA is not an Act, but an amended edition of Citizenship Act 1955. Due to some historical reasons, it is just an attempt to fast-track the accordance of citizenship to minority population including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians living in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan,” he asserted.

He accused the opposition parties of acting against the very nature and character of the country, which has always given shelter and support to refugees. Ever since BJP launched a programme to explain CAA to people, thousands of people have come in support of the party, he said.

When asked about pending cases pertaining to the CAA in court, Mr. Madhav said, “Supreme Court is going to take up all cases related to CAA on January 22. We are confident that whatever we have done is perfectly legal and fully as per our Constitution. If anyone wants to go to court against CAA, they are free to do, but we are confident court would certainly see constitutional validity of our action.

“All these are happening because the Opposition is frustrated. They do not have guts to confront political and development programmes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi politically,” he said.



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