Skeletal remains of Pakistani woman found in garbage heap – Khaleej Times


Unsettling details emerged as Karachi police found in a garbage heap, skeletal remains of a woman who had died 12 years ago in her apartment in the province’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal area.

Police said the remains were found to be that of a woman identified as 65-year-old Zakia Khatoon. According to The Dawn, police said the woman’s son Ehsan and daughter Shagufta kept their mother’s body in a freezer to preserve it.  

But recently, the siblings died in separate instances, following which the woman’s estranged brother Mehboob, 70, visited the apartment and found her body. He told police, he found the body on a mattress and decided to throw it in garbage dump.    

“The woman’s remains had been preserved by her children for the past 12 years out of love,” a senior police officer said. He further added that Mehboob has been taken into custody for disposing the remains in a garbage dump.

However, Mehboob has denied any knowledge about his sister’s death and alleged the siblings had cut all ties with the family. He further said that he found the remains on a mattress inside the house when he visited the apartment two days ago.

While according to The Express Tribune, the siblings were mentally unstable while the woman’s brother was suffering from depression. The general secretary of the building where Zakia lived said that she was a teacher and was last seen in 2008.



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